Google Search Console Data Report Not Showing 29 Jun after, What do and do’t do

Google Search Console Data Report Not Showing 29 Jun after, What do and do't do

Why panicking over the delay in Google Search Console data is not necessary. Google Search Console Data Report Not Showing, Some of the website owners are currently experiencing a problem with Google Search Console (GSC); their reports are not updating with new information. This can be quite worrying, particularly if you rely on GSC data to monitor your site’s performance. But before you take any drastic measures to change your site, take a deep breath. It is just a temporary delay from Google and it has no impact on how your website is actually performing.

What Is Going On?

At the moment, GSC is taking too long to fetch and process data for its website performance reports. So, what this means is that even though today is July 4th, 2024, you may only see reports dating back until June 28th, 2024. Both the top level and full performance reports are affected by this delay.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation

  1. Delayed Report Updates: Reports in GSC do not go beyond June 28th ,2024.
  2. Indexing and Crawling Unaffected: Indexing and crawling continue as normal for websites thankfully. Your sitemaps are being processed; new content is still being added by Google into its index.
  3. Google Acknowledges the Issue: While Google Search Central has confirmed that there is an issue, they haven’t given details regarding when it will be fixed according to industry publications like Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.
Google Search Console Data Report Not Showing 29 Jun after, What do and do't do

What You Should Do (and Not Do!)

You don’t need to panic or make any major changes on your sites now.Here’s what you should do:

  • Avoid Tampering: You should resist making any adjustments on your web site based on unfinished GSC data since it could affect the ranking position as well as traffic coming into it.
  • Stay Informed: Keep checking Google Search Central for updates about when the problem will be resolved.
  • Focus on Content Creation: Carry on with your content creation which should be of high quality and optimise your website for search engines.
  • Take a Break from GSC: There’s no use in continually seeking updates from GSC. Take some time off and concentrate on other areas of your site development.

What You CAN Do

The best option would be to wait until Google solves it. Below are more tips:

  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on Google Search Central ( for updates regarding what is happening.
  • Content creation should be the main focus: This is a great time to concentrate in producing some high quality stuff for your website.
  • Look out for other traffic: Make use of any other analytic tools to monitor your web traffic and user involvement.

Here’s the good news

  1. Google is aware: Major SEO publications like Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal have reported the issue, indicating Google’s awareness.
  2. Data is safe: The missing data isn’t lost but will take a while before it appears in the reports.

Spreading the Word

Share this article with other website owners who might be experiencing the same GSC data delay. Knowing it’s a temporary glitch and not a website-specific issue can provide reassurance and prevent unnecessary troubleshooting

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Remember: This is just a temporary issue that google is working to fix. By staying informed and focusing on creating great content or optimizing your site, you can guarantee that despite the delay in GSC reports, your site will continue to thrive as always.