SEO Expert Challenges, SEO Job Listings Fell by 37% in the First Quarter

The SEO world is experiencing a sea change in 2024. Which has seen a 37% YoY drop in job postings. This sharp fall, targeting mostly those in the middle range, about what will become of SEO professions and where these industries are heading.

This stands in contrast to the recent “Great Resignation” phenomenon where companies were striving to get fill multiple SEO posts. Now, the situation is completely different and there are many talented SEO’s who are desperately looking for jobs.

SEO Expert Challenges, SEO Job Listings Fell by 37% in the First Quarter

While other senior-level and intern/entry-level positions saw increases, mid-level roles fell by 6%. That suggests that either experienced strategists or early-career employees with low salaries are prioritized by firms.

Changing trend coupled with new wave remote SEO jobs and nontransparent pay scales for position openings indicates an active and developing labor market. Rise of robotic AI has added its bit as well compelling changes among specialists in search engine optimization.

According to Nick LeRoy (the author of this report provided on, this turbulence should be expected to continue into the future. He underscores that more companies seek to optimize their resources using both affordable junior talent and tried-and-true senior expertise. This development might make it a more divided job market with fewer opportunities for average workers.

Nevertheless, Leroy also draws attention towards the ever-lasting necessity of an all-round skills package among search engine optimization professionals. For success within the industry, strategy formulation implementation as well as measurement remains essential. The bottom line here is that it is not dying but transforming into something else entirely; therefore individuals capable of moving through such changes would keep thriving.

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Though worrying at first glance if one considers Q1 2024 data only as it gives us just one momentary picture out of many others portraying. How things have been changing over time within SEO industry. Adaptability has always been one of the main features of SEO. Those who are flexible and ready to learn will definitely enjoy high demand. More turbulence may be ahead but it also brings more opportunities for people that are adaptable to the changes in the niche.

SEO Job Listings Fell by 37% in the First Quarter

The SEO industry is experiencing some turbulence as artificial intelligence (AI) takes over. This has led to a decrease in job listings whereby various companies are automating their search engine optimization tasks. However, it is important to note that this is not necessarily a bad thing. AI can also be harnessed to enhance SEO, with the industry likely to eventually adapt to such new technology.

What is AI?

AI refers to a subset of computer science concerned with creating intelligent agents, which are systems capable of reasoning, learning and acting autonomously. While AI has been in existence for decades now, only recently has it started gaining grounds. The motivation behind this lies in the emergence of new machine learning algorithms that can learn from data without needing explicit coding.

How is AI being used in SEO?

AI is applied into SEO differently including;

  • Content generation: AI can be used for creating quality content that targets audience specifically and includes blog posts, articles or even social media posts.
  • Keyword research: It helps identify keywords that can be targeted for search engine optimization campaigns which will increase website traffic and ranking.
  • Link building: It identifies link building opportunities and hence increases website authority and ranking.
  • Technical SEO: Through technical SEO analysis by identifying and repairing technical issues within websites thereby improving website performance and ranking.

What does the future hold for SEO?

As regards what awaits Search Engine Optimization (SEO), no one really knows but one thing remains clear. The intervention of AI will make remarkable strides towards shaping up its future. Automation will be more widespread across industries including this very same sector where AI will create more sophisticated and effective search engine optimization campaigns.

Is AI a threat to SEO jobs?

Is AI a threat to SEO jobs, There are some who believe that while AI might displace certain jobs occupied by those who work as programmers. Similar roles might indeed face threats posed by artificial intelligence systems. On the other hand there could be new jobs that arise as a result of AI in the field of search engine optimization. However, there will still need to be some human input to SEO strategies development and implementation.

What can SEO professionals do to prepare for the future?

Therefore, SEO experts will need to learn about AI, its role in SEO and keep tabs on how it is being used in this field. They may also gain expertise in data analysis, machine learning and other related areas.

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