IB Recruitment Vacancies 660 Open 2024, Apply Online before 12 May @mha.gov.in

Do you want to serve India through an exciting career. This is the official platform for all India candidates who would love to join a very large recruitment at Ministry of Home Affairs, Intelligence Bureau (IB) which has 660 roles available. They include ACIO, JIO, SA, Cook, PA among others. Applicants have from March 30th to May 12th, 2024 to make their applications offline provided they are eligible. Find out more and apply on the website.

Exam Name isIntelligence Bureau Exam 2024
Post Name isGroup B & C
Authority isMinistry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Notification Date is30th March 2024
Application Date is1st April – 12th May 2024
Selection Processs isTier 1 (Objective), Tier 2 (Descriptive), Interview, Document Verifciation
Official Website ismha.gov.in

How to Step by Step to Apply for IB Recruitment 2024

It is an offline application. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the Notification: Visit official Ministry of Home Affairs website mha.gov.in and get IB Recruitment 2024 notification PDF downloaded.
  2. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you meet specific eligibility requirements for your desired position which include education qualifications, experience and age limit.
  3. Fill out the Form: Annexure-B of the notification contains an application form in order to be filled.
  4. Gather Documents: Certificate copies certified by authority showing educational certificates, relevant work experience records if any among others should be availed according to the items contained in this notification.
  5. Submit Your Application: Follow instructions from the notice to know where exactly your application should reach before deadline day on May 12th or else it will not be considered.

IB Recruitment Vacancies 660 Open Positions Available

Several posts are currently being advertised for at IB. Below is a breakdown of open vacancies;

  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer I (ACIO-I): Eighty vacancies
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer II (ACIO-II): One hundred thirty six vacancies
  • Junior Intelligence Officer I (JIO-I): One hundred twenty vacancies
  • Junior Intelligence Officer II (JIO-II): One seventy vacancies
  • And many more! For IB Recruitment Vacancies 660 Open full list refer to official notification.

Eligibility Criteria for IB Recruitment 2024

Requirements vary from one role position to another. IB Recruitment Vacancies 660 Open Some key criteria include:

  • Educatio — From matriculation pass certificate holders into engineering fields like science and technology related degrees.
  • Experience — Some positions will require previous experience in security, intelligence or other specified fields as indicated in the notification.
  • Age Limit — Normally age relaxation is given for reserved category candidates which will be stated in the notification.
  • Important Reminder — For accurate and updated information on eligibility, application process, deadlines read carefully the IB Recruitment 2024 notification PDF.

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UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023: Latest Live Updates on Final Results

The final result of Civil Service Exam 2023 is almost here. Aspirants of Indian Police Service (IPS), Prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and other important government posts are interested to get the result anytime on the official website.

Decoding UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) Final Result 2023

Any moment now the results will be published which will decide the fate of many candidates. Candidates who have successfully qualified through the preliminary and main examinations along with the interview process will get their name and All India Rank (AIR) in the final merit list. This list serves as a basis for recommending various administrative posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc.

Percentage of females over the years

Over time, this stark but encouraging trend in terms of percentage of women has changed:

  • 2018: 24%
  • 2019: 24%
  • 2020: 29%
  • 2021: 26%
  • 2022: 34%

2023 UPSC CSE Timeline

  • Preliminary Examination – May 28, 2023
  • Mains Exam – September 15, 16, 17, 23 & 24, 2023
  • Personality Test/Interview – in three sessions from January 2nd to April 9th, 2024.

Where and How to Updates Check Results UPSC 2023

There is also going to be a direct link which will help the candidates to access their results through the official site upsc.gov.in so that they can easily check what marks they got in that exam. These steps show how you can check your results:

Visit the UPSC website.

  • Once there click on the “Results” section.
  • Opt for “Civil Services 2023 Exam Final Result”.
  • Generally, the results will be in PDF format.
  • Enter your details as prompted and search for personalized results.
  • Keep a copy of your result by downloading and printing it.

Reflections of the Past: Top 10 AIR Holders of 2022

  • Uma Harathi N
  • Ishita Kishore
  • Garima Lohia
  • Smriti Mishra
  • Mayur Hazarika
  • Gahana Navya James
  • Waseem Ahmad Bhat
  • Aniruddh Yadav
  • Kanika Goyal
  • Rahul Srivastava

This year’s top ten achievements include:

This achievement is an illustration of the commitment required to crack India’s toughest exam.

Stay tuned as we cover every release and analysis about UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023.

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Bharateeyudu 2 Movie Review 🔴 Live Updates 15th July 2024

Bharateeyudu 2

Bharateeyudu 2: Sequel to the 1996 hit movie “Bharateeyudu” has been awaited with baited breath because it was riding on Kamal Haasan’s success in recent times and also bringing back nostalgic feelings for the older viewers. This “Bharateeyudu 2” disappointingly misses the mark of its predecessor leaving audiences disillusioned. This review will analyze the film’s failures by looking at its story, performances, and overall impact.

Things Fall Apart 15th July 2024

In this film, Chitra Aravind (Siddharth) is a YouTuber who starts an online campaign to bring back vigilante “Indian” (Kamal Haasan) to fight against corruption but fails woefully in implementing. The groundwork laid out for this kind of a storyline might have earned the movie some credit had it been followed through well enough but that is not what happened since it shifts from being a serious commentary on social issues to mind-numbing farce.

Andhra Telangana National Opinion Mixed Bag

Table 15th July 2024 Bharateeyudu 2 Movie Review

MovieNews GossipMixed reactions, leaning towards disappointment
ReviewsCriticized for lackluster storytelling, disjointed narrative
Press ReleasesPre-release hype failed to match the final product
Movie ReviewAverage rating of 2/5 stars
MBSLimited discussion on social media
E-PaperArticles highlighting the film’s shortcomings
WaraphalaluMixed predictions, some foreseeing a box-office failure
PanchangamAstrological predictions varied widely

Shankar Has Lost His Way

Shankar known for his visually stunning films with deep thoughts seems to have failed in his attempt with “Bharateeyudu 2” The problems include:

  • Time Bound Themes: Corruption remains a global issue although it may not be as grave as it was at that time of release when India was almost completely corrupt. The film does not capture present day societal problems which would resonate among today’s audience.
  • Plot Contradictions: Some points in this story are very unrealistic including having an old man fighting like a young one.
  • Divergent Aims: Taking attention away from central theme of corruption, the director introduces so many subplots which are not necessary and make no sense in ending up diluting the general message.

Performance Highlights and Lowlights

  • Kamal Haasan: But despite his obvious talent, Hassan’s performance is hindered by a poor script and badly written character.
  • Siddharth: The lead role in the movie tries to show some depth but it is poorly scripted hence limiting his range of expression.
  • Supporting Cast: Priya Bhavani Shankar and Bobby Simha have their moments, only to be let down by their thinly fleshed out characters.

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A Glimmer of Hope?

The film ends with a tease for “Bharateeyudu 3,” but after the disappointment of this sequel, audiences are understandably skeptical.

Story and Narrative Disconnected Jumble

This film revolves around Chitra Aravind’s (played by Siddharth) anti-corruption campaign as well as Senapathi’s (Kamal Haasan) return to India. However, the narrative lacks a smooth flow, jumping between serious social issues and forced comedic elements. The fragmented plot leaves viewers emotionally detached from the characters’ motivations.

Performances lone Star amidst a dull galaxy

Despite Kamal Haasan’s extraordinary performance ability evident on screen, he cannot save an underwritten character. Siddharth gave quite an okay performance; however, his character lacked any depths. On her part Rakul Preet Singh role was reduced to mere cameos while other cast struggles to leave an impression owing to weak character development.

Technical Aspects Missed Opportunity

There are many technical aspects that make watching this film not that enjoyable one would expect from such kind of experience. The action scenes do not flow naturally and they are poorly executed while songs as well as background tracks lack liveliness or memorable tunes typical of Shankar films.

Outdated Themes and Unsatisfying Resolution

While the movie seeks to address corruption as its main theme, it is done very old fashionably without any carefulness in mind. The ending is rushed and unbelievable, which leaves one dissatisfied. In the climax, it seems to be setting up a third film but this was quite forced and unnecessary.

Conclusion Disappointing Sequel

Bharateeyudu 2 disappoints on many levels, failing to match its previous versions. Kamal Haasan’s performance is worth mentioning, but it cannot rescue the movie from poor storytelling, incoherent narrative and outmoded direction. The film was received with mixed feelings in Andhra Telangana region, which means that it is overall meaningless.

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