2024 How Many Attempts for Upsc for General/OBC/SC/ST?

How many Limit of attempts UPSC: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination (CSE) is unarguably one of prestigious and toughest examinations in India. Every year, lakhs of aspirants compete to make it into the bureaucracy, with a view to serving the nation and contributing towards its development. Nevertheless, this tough examination calls for strategic planning and systematic approach in order to succeed. One crucial aspect of such an approach is understanding the UPSC attempt limits or UPSC exam Age Limit for different categories.

2024 How Many Attempts for Upsc for General/OBC/SC/ST?

This article explains what these attempt limits are so as to understand them better. It also explains why they were put in place as well as how many attempts were allowed for General, Other Backward Classes (OBC), Scheduled Castes (SC), and Scheduled Tribes (ST).

How many 2024 number of attempts given to candidates for UPSC

Depending upon the community you come from, the number of times that you can sit for UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) in 2024 will vary. The Union Public Service Commission indicates the number of chances a person gets to pass the exam and these chances depend on one’s background.

The general categories are as follows UPSC attempts

  • General Category/EWS:  People falling into this category are allowed six attempts at most.
  • OBC: Other Backward Classes’ candidates can take nine shots at the examination if required.  
  • SC/ST: No limit is imposed on SC/ST candidates when it comes to trial numbers.

There are other additional trials given to those who have disabilities or belong to certain communities.  You should refer to UPSC Notification for details about attempts based on your category. It is advised to check with official notification that would give you updated information.

Why Attempt Limits?

The UPSC CSE requires deep knowledge about various issues, critical thinking skills as well as very good written English language proficiency. A fair chance is ensured by limiting trials among younger people while every category becomes focused during preparation. In addition, these limits contribute towards maintenance of dynamic competition level within this exam.

Understanding How many Limit of attempts UPSC by Category

Number of Attempts Allowed in UPSC CSE Varies based on candidate’s category.

Table of List Category Way Number Limit of attempts UPSC 2024 – UPSC Exam Age Limit

CategoryNumber of AttemptsAge Limit
General6Up to 32 years
Other Backward Classes (OBC)9Up to 35 years
Scheduled Castes (SC)UnlimitedNo upper age limit
Scheduled Tribes (ST)UnlimitedNo upper age limit
EWS9 for General and OBC Unlimited for SC/ST42
Table of Number Limit of attempts UPSC 2024 – UPSC Exam Age Limit

General Category For UPSC attempts

Candidates under this class are allowed a maximum number six shots at cracking the UPSC CSE until they turn 32 years old.

Number of Attempts6
Maximum Age Limits32

Other Backward Classes (OBC) – UPSC attempts for the OBC

The OBC candidates have some relaxation in terms of number of attempts that they are allowed. They are permitted to write up to nine times if their age does not go beyond 35.

UPSC attempts for the SC/ST category
{Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST)}

The greatest relaxation has been given with respect to SCs/STs who can take any number of attempts without any age consideration.

Important Note: Remember that these numbers may change due to government notifications. Always consult the official UPSC website for latest updates on eligibility criteria.

Strategic Utilization of UPSC attempts

While the attempt limits provide a framework, it is important to utilize them strategically. Here are some key considerations:

Age is a factor – UPSC Exam Age Limit

The number of attempts should not be the sole criterion. Stamina, focus, and work-life balance are greatly influenced by age. Therefore, aim at cracking this exam within reasonable time frames while retaining energy and focus for intensive preparation.

Quality over quantity

Do not take each attempt as just another try. Evaluate your performance after every attempt in order to identify weaknesses that need to be worked on and your answers sharpened towards perfection.

Focus on continuous improvement

Every time you make an attempt, you must learn from it. Each of such trials presents opportunities through which one can improve knowledge base, writing skills or problem solving capacities among other things.

Age Relaxation for certain categories

UPSC attempts Additional age relaxations exist for People with Disabilities (PwD), Ex-Servicemen (ESM) and some other categories as per official UPSC notification released.

Focus on holistic development

It is not just about clearing the examination; rather strive towards becoming a well-balanced personality by participating in extra-curricular activities, social work and hobbies that enrich your personality making you more competent applicant.

UPSC attempts Remember – This is marathon, not a sprint. Success requires a well-defined strategy, consistent efforts and continuous improvements.

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Conclusion of How many Limit of attempts UPSC

Comprehending how many times you can try in your category and the UPSC attempts or CSE journey planning is important. These attempts should be used tactically, concentrate on good preparation and aim for progress; with determination and right approach you can realize your dream of cracking the UPSC CSE examination and serving the country.

How many tries does a candidate receive for the UPSC exam?

Attempts for UPSC differ based on caste
General/EWS: 6 attempts
OBC: 9 attempts
SC/ST: No Limit

Why do we have UPSC Exam attempt limits?

Exam UPSC Attempt limits help students concentrate more and also avail openings for younger aspirants