SASSA Payment Dates 2024, Social Grants in South Africa May Check Release Schedule

Millions of South Africans are given money called social grants by South African Social Security Agency “SASSA” to help them. These grants serve as a safety net for those who need additional support. Knowledge on when your payment is due is key if you or someone close to you receives a grant.

SASSA Payment Dates 2024

Your 2024-2025 SASSA Payment Calendar

Grants are paid out by SASSA per schedule. This keeps everybody in the know about how much they have got and what they will do with it in future. Different types of grants occur on these dates;

MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
MayFriday, May 3rdMonday, May 6thTuesday, May 7th
JuneTuesday, June 4thWednesday, June 5thThursday, June 6th
JulyTuesday, July 2ndWednesday, July 3rdThursday, July 4th
AugustFriday, August 2ndMonday, August 5thTuesday, August 6th
SeptemberTuesday, September 3rdWednesday, September 4thThursday, September 5th
OctoberWednesday, October 2ndThursday, October 3rdFriday, October 4th
NovemberTuesday, November 5thWednesday, November 6thThursday, November 7th
DecemberTuesday, December 3rdWednesday, December 4thThursday, December 5th

What is SRD R350?

SRD R350 grant has been intoduced for individuals affected by COVID 19 Pandemics, and it has now reached up to 2025, while now paying only R370.

SRD R370 Grant

Payments for the SRD R370 grants are usually between 25th to the 31st of every month. You can check your exact date online or through the SASSA app.

Good News Grants Have Increased!

The government made an increase in all payments for all SASSA grants since April 2024. This marks the first rise in four years.

SASSA’s Types of Grants and their Impact

SASSA does not provide just one type of assistance; rather, they offer various allowances suited to different situations. Elderly people, persons with disabilities, kids needing help, and many others qualify for specific types of allowance available here.

These grants are a very big deal in South Africa that helps such families with problems by giving them money to buy things like food, medicine and pay rent etc thus reducing the number of people who would be concerned about where their next meal will come from.

Getting Your Money

Getting your money is simple! Here are some ways this can happen according to SASSA: Choose whether you want it directly deposited into your bank account or receive cash at special stations; else, you can use it as a debit card at various shops by using the SASSA card.

How to Check Your Payment Status

  1. SASSA Website: Visit SASSA’s official website and go to the grant payment section.
  2. SASSA App: If you own a smartphone, there is an easy way of checking your grant information through this app.
  3. USSD Code: Dial 1203210# from your phone.
  4. Helpline: If in need of further assistance, call SASSA helpline on 0800 60 10 11.

Important Note: Please note that payment dates sometimes change as per SASSA, thus always confirming on their website latest information or calling their helpline

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