Marianne Rosenberg Criticizes World Star: “Hard Surgical Work” 2024

Hard Surgical Work

Marianne Rosenberg has been on stage for 55 years, and next year will mark her 70th birthday, which she will celebrate. In the eyes of many, she still looks a lot like she did back then. But what is her view about that? Is she irritated by unending discussions regarding her beauty? Definitely! She says “I find all this talk about ‘Best Ager’ quite absurd.” And one of her colleagues doesn’t escape her criticism either…

“Why Should I Make Myself Look Younger?”

Time takes its toll on all of us if we like it or not and there is little we can do to stop it. Of course, healthy living and exercises may slightly influence the process of aging but cannot prevent it completely. Some people accept this while others strive to maintain their youth through cosmetic procedures which are often futile. Marianne Rosenberg shares in an interview on the podcast Aber bitte mit Schlager about aging: “Every time names come up wherever in the press, age is immediately put down in brackets. So I am not under delusions of looking younger than I am. Why should I?” To her, age is just a number; what counts is how one spends his/her time: “I don’t think how long we are riding around on this ball in space matters at all. It’s how you live this life that has been given to you and where you stand with it! That’s all that counts.”

Marianne Rosenberg: Cher’s Look is “Hard Surgical Work”

According to surveys more people are living up to hundred years old nowadays. This statement is critically viewed by Marianne Rosenberg who says “I don’t know if that’s something to aspire to.” The Berlin native thinks the “whole talk about ‘Best Ager’ is quite absurd.” Because drinking four litres of water each day will not make her look ten years younger. The singer is even more candid: “Hard surgical work makes it possible for Cher to be like that.” In spite of acknowledging the well-done surgery, she adds, “It reminds me of Michael Jackson. I could never subject myself to that.” Strong words!

“You See My Wrinkles”

“I have wrinkles. On stage though you are lit up, obviously. You do everything to look good there. I must look good for my fans… But that’s about all… There is only so much you can do – time limits us. And why should I? I feel fine where I am.”

According to the 69-year old Marianne, her mother has been responsible for her perfect skin: “I have these wonderful genes from my mother; at age 90 she is a beautiful woman as well; thus all i can say is – thank you, thank you, thank you.” No regrets or nostalgia there…. Quite the opposite!

Marianne Rosenberg on Working with Her Son: “That’s Not How It Works!”

Rosenberg also discussed what it was like working with her son and highlighted that family-based professional relationships come with certain complexities. She has made it clear that they must respect these dynamics and understand them when dealing with each other.

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“No way you can go out there without make-up!”

Even when off-stage, Rosenberg wants to look her best and will not leave home without make-up: “No way I’d leave the house without makeup.” Her faithfulness to her image and devotees is unflinching, signifying how much she values her career and herself.

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In a business obsessed with youth and looks, Marianne Rosenberg’s frank account on aging as well as self-acceptance is a breath of fresh air. This speaks volumes about her realness and confidence that has kept on inspiring fans in the audience or out of it.