Digital Domain Partners with Mr. Song Hoi See Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group to Launch 2024, Digital Human Hospitality Services

Digital Domain Partners with Mr. Song Hoi See Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group to Launch 2024, Digital Human Hospitality Services

Digital Domain Holdings Limited, a big firm in the area of visual effects has partnered with Mr. Song Hoi See, founder and CEO of Plaza Preminum Group. In alliance with him they are introducing a new service called “Digital Human Hospitality Services” which is aimed at changing our experience of hospitality as well as airport services through highly advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Big Announcement

On July 6, 2024, Digital Domain and Plaza Premium Group unveiled their joint venture at a special event held in Taoyuan International Airport. Key individuals such as Taoyuan City Mayor Chang San-Cheng were present to offer speeches about this exciting project on behalf of both organizations.

What This Partnership Means

This union brings together two leaders:

Digital Domain

Digital Domain is renowned for creating stunning visual effects for Hollywood movies; they have been doing so for more than three decades. Now, however, they are using their techniques to make real-time digital humans for hospitality and travel services. Which means that Oscar-winning systems will now be employed to make digital assistants who can help people in airports, hotels and other related service areas.

Plaza Premium Group

Mr.Song Hoi See’s Plaza Premium Group is the leader in airport & travel hospitality. They operate the world’s largest independent airport lounge network. With over 250 locations across more than 80 airports they know much about making travel comfortable and enjoyable. This new venture will benefit from Mr.Song’s expertise and links to reach many more places.

Revolutionizing Hospitality and Airport Services

The aim of this joint venture is to bring together Digital Domain’s technology with Plaza Premium Group’s hospitality services. By providing intelligent, interactive and personalized services we want to set new industry standards. As it uses digital human technology travelers can be assured that everything will go smoothly with no hitches.

Leadership and Innovation

In leading this enterprise, Song Hoi See’s leadership and experience are key. Through the technology of Digital Domain, his vision for enhancing travel experiences will lead to innovative solutions. Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain feels that his partnership with Mr. Song will be a success because of their shared values and passion.

The Future of Travel

At a press conference, there was a surprise appearance by a virtual version of Teresa Teng, a famous singer. This demonstration indicated how AI-powered virtual human services could be used in the future. For instance, such services can provide travelers with information about lounge services or directions among others through a friendly interactive conversation like chatbot.

Support from Taoyuan City and Airport

The Taoyuan City Government as well as Taoyuan International Airport back this project. They believe it will help promote Taoyuan Airport and make it an AI leading airport in the whole world. Mr.Yang Weifuu, Chairman of the airport is hopeful about these technologies improving passenger experience while making travel easier for them through this new venture.

Events Photos

Below are some photographs from this occasion.

During a press conference entitled “The Next Frontier in Travel”. From left to right: Mr. Chen Libai, ADATA Technology founder and chairman; Mr. Daniel Seah, Digital Domain CEO; Mr. Chang San-Cheng, Taoyuan City Mayor; Virtual Human Teresa Teng; Mr. Song Hoi See, Plaza Premium Group Founder and CEO; Mr. Yang Weifuu, Chairman of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd.; and Mr. Henry Hooi, Digital Domain Senior Consultant.

  • The Virtual Human Teresa Teng made a sudden entrance to talk with the CEO of Digital Domain Company called Daniel Seah.
  • AI virtual assistant will be shown by Digital Domain’s Chief Executive Officer while it provides smart services for the VIP Lounge at the airport.
  • Using AI virtual human technology, they have rebranded the passenger experience together with Mr Daniel Seah and also collaborating with Mr Song Hoi See.

About Digital Domain

Digital domain holdings limited is a pioneer in creating immersive experiences over 30 years’ time frame where they now lead globally in visual effects industry working on hundreds of films, advertisements, game cinematics among others such as Titanic (1997), What Dreams May Come (1998), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and many Marvel Cinematic Universe movies among others. It is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai and Hyderabad.

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About Plaza Premium Group

Plaza Premium Group was found in 1998 based in Hong Kong being world’s best leading global airport hospitality service provider that invented first independent airport lounge concept be operating most extensive network of worldwide independent lounges at airports currently offering airport lounges including terminal hotels concierge services dining concepts as well as global reward program which has won several prizes such as World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge for eight years in a row.


Digital Domain and Plaza Premium Group have joined forces in order to use more sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies such as digital human. This concept will provide smart, interactive and personalized services to travelers that will make the experience of travel more exciting and efficient. In addition, this new venture is bound to make a significant difference towards the future of travelling with the backing of Taoyuan City along with Taoyuan International Airport.

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